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Technical support services

Maspro's Technical support services help to give you the peace of mind that your network will keep running and supporting your Business all day, throughout the year.

Ad- hoc Support

We can also provide an ad-hoc service for your IT equipment and Network needs. Maybe you don't need a full blown support contract or maybe you just need some one-off help. Perhaps you just want to purchase or install some new IT equipment or just need some advice.

We are happy to take on any IT project however large or small. Whether it is setting up a new business with the hardware or software infrastructure, updating or adding new technology for an existing business, we will plan and cost each job on a per project basis.

Non - contractual support

If you are a small business or a start up, then our non-contractual, IT Equipment and Network support services may well provide the technical support solution which you most need.

We understand that some businesses, especially start-ups, prefer the flexibility of non-contractual support, particularly in the early stages when you are unsure as to how much support you will require.

Having a support provider who can get an installation done cost-effectively and promptly, leaving you with a good technical base from which to run your business is one thing, being able to rely on them to come back when you have a problem without incurring prohibitive costs is another. Our upfront approach will make sure you are always aware of what the costs will be given any situation allowing you to concentrate fully on your business.

Having a non-contractual agreement, where you have no ongoing fees but understand what the cost of assistance and site visits will be in advance, can help take the worry out of starting or running your business.

Contractual Support

Other businesses prefer the peace of mind and the cost benefits of a contractual support package to cover your network. We customise every support package to our clients' requirements to ensure they are receiving the service they need at a price they can afford.
Perhaps you need something specialized like a twenty four hour support service or a service which matches your shift patterns. Whatever it is, we will help your Businesses IT services to keep running and working for you day in day out.

Whether you're running a small business or large business, we can support your network to a level which suits your company.

  Samba file server, ldap  
  Apache, tomcat  
  Clamav, spamassasin  
  Microsoft Windows 2000 & 2003 Server  
  exchange server 2000 & 2003  
  Windows terminal server  
  Windows share point portal server  
  Isa server  
  Mssql server  
  Cisco switches  
  Cisco pix firewall  
  Cisco routers,vpn  
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