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Network Security

Maspro 's Security Consultants can identify where the security holes are in your network, highlight any vulnerabilities and provide solutions to strengthen your network protection.

Our Security Consultants can customize the solution to meet your corporate security objectives, create secure network designs, and implement them to protect your valuable corporate resources.

Our consultants are experienced and qualified in all partner security products and have vast experience of designing and implementing network security solutions ranging from single firewall solutions to complex network security designs consisting of Firewall, IDS, Anti-Virus, VPN, Authentication, Content Filtering and Anti-Spam products.

Our security portfolio comprises the following components:

Fire wall

The maspro Security portfolio consists of firewalls from a number of leading Network Security vendors utilizing leading edge technologies. Our Firewall solutions can be tailored to your specific requirements and range from solutions for SOHO and Branch Offices through to solutions for SME & large Enterprises.

On - site Security audits

The internet is not your only security risk. Your employees can be an even bigger threat. Our engineers will examine your on-site policies and procedures. We will audit your servers, workstations, and network configuration, as well as evaluate physical security where appropriate.

Intrusion detection and prevention

The majority of networks in place today are protected with firewalls and Host/Server -based Anti-Virus systems. These measures are critical, but just thinking you are protected is not enough. How will you know if you have been attacked? Intrusion detection systems are essential to monitor the traffic into your network to assess unauthorized access from attackers. Properly installed and configured Intrusion Detection and Prevention systems can alert you to any rogue traffic into your network, and prevent any unauthorised access that has slipped through the net, before any damage takes place. This includes preventing Port Scans, Denial of Service attacks, Network Mapping and other damaging attacks at the network edges. Intrusion Detection systems can also provide real-time warning and forensic data to identify and analyse attacks.


Virus, Worm and Trojan activity is now becoming a major problem within the Internet community. Recent highly publicised outbreaks have caused millions of dollars worth of damage and taken down some very high profile E-Commerce sites.

A key product in our Security portfolio is an Anti-Virus Firewall that provides network Anti-Virus that can detect quarantine and eliminate Viruses, Worms and Trojans before they enter your network. This device is capable of providing Anti-Virus services in real-time and is therefore capable of scanning real-time transactions such as HTTP (in addition to SMTP, POP3, IMAP and FTP) without compromising network performance.

Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Virtual Private Networks have continually increased in popularity, for organizations looking to maximise financial efficiency for their wide area connectivity. Financial savings can often be made for both site to site connectivity, and remote client access, at the same time maintaining security and increasing flexibility.

Maspro provides a variety of VPN solutions tailored to suit your needs including client software, a selection of VPN enabled firewalls/routers and high-end VPN concentrators. Our Security Consultants can provide advice and design solutions from multiple vendors to suit your business needs and incorporating the highest levels of encryption currently available for commercial use.


Unsolicited commercial email (UCE), more commonly known as "Spam," is a growing problem and if you have used the Internet for any length of time, you have probably received solicitations via email to purchase dubious products, get-rich-quick schemes or services. If you get many junk emails, it can take you literally hours every day just to sort out the junk emails from the real emails.

Our Security portfolio includes Enterprise-Class Anti-Spam appliances that can filter and block unwanted E-mails from being forwarded to your mail servers. Utilising the latest Spam Blocking techniques these devices can protect and reduce the load on your mail servers.

Web/Email content filtering

This security portfolio includes products that can process all Web content in order to block access to inappropriate web-sites and malicious material. This is achieved using URL blocking and keyword/phrase blocking. E-mail content can also be scanned to identify any malicious content or phrases and appropriate action can be taken.

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